ECI mission to Jerusalem on the verge of US-led airstrike

The international community must act now to prevent Syria from using its chemical weapons

Jerusalem, September 2nd, 2013 - It is high time for the international community to become more vocal in its support of Israel. As violence escalates in Syria, according to western intelligence reports, there is clear and compelling evidence that the Assad regime has gassed to death 1,400 of its own people, including women and children. The international community must now take action to prevent further use of chemical and biological weapons, as the conflict risks escalating into Israel and other neighbouring nations. 

At the same time, friends of Israel such as ECI, must step up their efforts to help Israel win the diplomatic war.

This is ECI’s core message after a one week fact- finding mission to Jerusalem which is on the verge of a US-led airstrike against Syria in the coming days or weeks. The US would consider a military attack to be a punitive measure to deter future use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime.

In high level meetings with Israeli Government officials and Members of the Knesset, ECI discussed the current situation in Syria, as well as the ongoing diplomatic war against Israel at the EU and the UN.

Despite a specially-convened emergency session on the crisis in Syria in the Knesset, Speaker Yuli Edelstein took the time to meet with the ECI delegation which consisted of Perrine Dufoix, Gregory Lafitte and Tomas Sandell.

ECI presented its strategy to help Israel make new friends internationally, as well as empowering its existing friends with new support structures. The plans were also discussed in private meetings with the Minister of International Relations, Yuval Steinitz, Deputy Minister, Ofir Akunis, as well as senior officials at the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Strategic Affairs.

Earlier in the week, Tomas Sandell spoke at the African Leadership Summit in Jerusalem which brought together leaders from government, business and church in Africa.  In a powerful speech at the Summit, renowned anti-apartheid activist, South African MP Kenneth Meshoe, debunked the popular myth of Israel as an apartheid state.

‘For someone like myself who personally suffered under apartheid, it is a great injustice and insult to call the only democracy in the Middle East an apartheid state’, he said, promising to help international leaders understand the truth about Israel.

In meetings with African leaders, as well as with Israeli Government leaders, ECI committed to helping spearhead efforts to help Israel make new friends and win the diplomatic war.

‘One should never underestimate the power of prayer, education and advocacy’, Sandell said, making reference to the famous quote by Joseph Stalin on how many legions the Pope had. 
‘Whereas Stalin had military power, the Christians at that time understood the power of prayer and standing for truth and justice. These were the weapons that finally brought down the Iron Curtain.’ 

‘There are no more powerful weapons than prayer and proclaiming the truth about Israel and the Middle East. These same weapons are still freely available today and as Christians we need to start making better use of them again’, said Sandell, concluding his statement in Jerusalem.